Goldman’s Merchant Banking Division Invests in corporate equity and corporate debt, real estate equity and real estate debt and infrastructure, worldwide. Their merchant banking division is one of the largest managers of private capital globally. Since 1986, they have invested approximately $100 billion in capital through investment funds focused on private equity, mezzanine debt, senior secured loans and distressed debt securities. Goldman’s MBD funded the Company’s only consumer-facing business – Marcus. Marcus by Goldman Sachs® is an online platform offering no-fee personal loans and high-yield savings accounts to consumers.

Our Placements with Goldman Sachs
Portfolio Companies

Marcus (by Goldman Sachs)

New York, NY

SVP, Brand and Communications


Vienna, VA

Chief Marketing Officer

Kate Farms

Santa Barbara, CA

VP, Product Development
VP, Business Development
VP, Brand Management
Marketing Director
Marketing Director, Pediatric
Marketing Director, Adult