“The organization of Wiser Partners, LLC is an amazing group of caring individuals. Their professionalism and business acumen is one of envy. I could not have asked for a better partner and now a friend within the industry.”

Matthew Insolia - Chief Sales Officer - Tierra Nueva

“David Wiser is truly a master at his craft. I appreciate that he and his team specialize in distinct verticals and functions, which allows them to understand the roles they are recruiting for. My interviews with his team were far more thorough, thought provoking versus the typical “check the box” type screens I’ve been subjected to in the past, with other firms. There is a reason they are so successful, they put in the time and have the experience to back up every candidate they propose.”

Paige Guzman - VP, Marketing - Pax Labs

“In my 25+ year career to-date Wiser Partners has been the best executive recruiting team I have ever engaged with – whether in the US or in Asia. The 3 most important differentiating factors are: 1) Long-term Relationship, 2) Thought Partnership, and 3) Eye For Talent. David doesn’t just place individuals in jobs, he takes the time to know the candidate and helps them find the right career move. His outreach doesn’t end with a placement. David placed me in my current role about 5 years ago and over the intervening time David has periodically checked in to understand how I was doing and to see whether I continued to believe in the long-term attractiveness of the industry and firm I had joined. David has been very generous with his time and sharing his expertise. We have invited him not only into recruiting assignments but also into organizational strategy and talent development discussions. He has been a great sounding board for me and has helped broaden my perspective with regard to skills and organizational development. The people David has placed into my organization have ended-up being consistent top performers and fit perfectly in the organization’s culture and value systems.”

Ed Villano - Vice President – Demand Creation and Brand Investment - Vf Corporation

“David Wiser is one of the best Executive Recruiters in the CPG industry. I was grateful to have his guidance and counsel in a recent search I went through with him. He is not only extremely thorough and professional, but is a great resource for any executive going through the search process. I was fortunate to have worked with David in the past, and I will rely on his skill counsel, and expertise in the future.”

Rick Suchenski - EVP Sales - Beanitos

“I’m not aware of any recruiting firm that does a better job of finding and delivering the very best talent to clients. It stems not only from David’s commitment to building enduring relationships with top marketing executives, but also his unparalleled ability to truly understand what clients are looking for and need. He gets it and gets it done.”

Al Patel - CMO - Culligan International

“Wiser Partners goes the extra mile. David and his team have a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful senior executive in a fast paced environment, whether the need be consumer-focused, general management, or multicultural. They come together as a unified team of experts and challenge their client partners, as well as candidates, with candid fact–finding and discussion to ensure they deliver the greatest value.”

James L. Coleman - SVP, CMO - Combined Insurance Company

“While the executive search industry has become highly impersonalized through the rise of online firms and faceless global companies, David and his team continue to develop personal and meaningful relationships with their corporate clients and prospective employees.  They actually take the time to understand the needs of the organization and match them with the experiences and career aspirations of the individuals they work with.   Truly a lost art in this day and age!”

Jay Schwartz - Executive Director, Strategy and Business Planning - AVON

“From start to finish, the process with Wiser Partners was a delight. The team guided me through the interview and diligence process well, and was instrumental in distilling what could have been a month’s long process into weeks. In the end, Wiser’s ability to bring the process to a conclusion resulted in me accepting the offer from Hixme. Had the process stretched for 48 hours longer, it is possible that a competing offer would have taken me off the market first. Highly recommended.”

Rodney Gibson - CEO - Hixme

“I worked with the Wiser Partners team during my recruitment period for a CMO position. As expected the process was thorough and the Wiser Partners team worked tirelessly to ensure strong communication between all parties. In addition, they went out of their way to help me understand the role, the company and its culture to help me make an informed decision to pursue the position, and ultimately to accept an offer. Throughout the entire process their level of commitment to finding a strong fit for both the company and myself was clear and evident. After I accepted and began the role, the Wiser Partners team went above and beyond to help me during my transition.”

Tom Hubbard - CMO - Symmons

“During my initial interactions with the Wiser Partners team, there was something that just felt different – genuine passion for finding the right person for the right company. It sounds so simple, but it’s a challenging thing to do. The team was excellent in their approach, from tough technical interviews with Tom Blinn, to understanding cultural fit and personal motivation with David Wiser.   Tom and David both played a critical role in helping me find the right ‘next chapter’ of my professional career and I couldn’t be happier at Kate Farms.”

Catherine Hayden - Marketing Director - Kate Farms

“David and his team at Wiser Partners have delivered outstanding service to me over the years. Having worked with them on both sides of the equation, first as a candidate and then a client for our recruitment needs, they have consistently delivered a superior level of performance/service leveraging their extensive knowledge of the market place through their broad network and years of experiences. High integrity, thoughtful and caring about doing the “right thing”, they are fully committed to finding the right candidates to fit your organization needs and placing people in roles /organizations where they will strive …thus delivering a ‘win-win.’ With a down to earth, well refined and no-nonsense approach, they have provided invaluable insights on company’s culture and candidates. I give David and his team my highest endorsement and recommendation.”

Christophe Coudray - Health & Home President - Kaz USA, Inc. a Helen of Troy Company

“I’ve been recruited to a variety of roles via national and boutique firms over the years and also engaged the same firms to help build our management teams, and it is refreshing to work with a team that places a high value on building genuine relationships over time. David and his team at Wiser Partners strive to represent the client and the candidates throughout the process—resulting in a strong fit for client management teams and a long-term placement for senior candidates considering a career change. I have appreciated their candor, follow-up, and counsel during a thorough recruiting process that has now become one of the most fulfilling roles I’ve ever had in my career. I continue to appreciate the ongoing relationship with Wiser Partners and would recommend them to any client or candidate.”

Sean O’Reilly - Chief Growth Officer - FIMC

“Wiser Partners was a crucial partner is helping me find a great fit for the next step in my career. From the initial discussion through the offer process, I felt informed, respected and well-advised. David’s advice on how to make a strong transition in to my new company was both helpful and insightful. Wiser Partners has subsequently placed several director-level candidates with us, all of whom are blossoming and helping our organization grow.”

Brian Daniels - VP, Marketing - Capital Group

“David placed me into Valvoline back in 1997, as a Marketing Director, and he was responsible for building the core of our Marketing organization.”

Sam Mitchell - President - Ashland Consumer Markets

“David Wiser and his team not only do a great job engaging candidates, but they are also excellent at fostering great relationships. David knows how to strike the right balance between the needs of his clients and the aspirations of his candidates. This was my first time working with David and the entire recruiting process was excellent.”

Philip K. Philip - VP Marketing & Product Management - Old World Industries

“Wiser Partners did an excellent job balancing its commitment to the client with consideration for my objectives, needs, and issues. Most retained firms don’t operate this way. The team worked hard to ensure my background and career goals were a good fit with the company and the role I was considering. The Wiser Partners team thoroughly prepared me for every step in the process. And when it came time to negotiate an offer, they worked tirelessly to get me all the information I needed to make an informed decision and to ultimately come to a mutually beneficial outcome for both me and the hiring company. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Wiser Partners again.”

Brian Murphy - VP Strategy - Fruit of the Loom

“My first interactions with David Wiser were memorable enough to know that they would not be my last. We first met as he was placing me with AMC Theatres, in 2010. I was impressed with the personal touch he applied to identifying the fit between candidate and organization. He went to great lengths to ensure the communication was open, honest and frequent. Many in his space claim to consider the candidate first; very few actually deliver. His every action backed-up his stated goal of ensuring long-term success for both sides. I am proud to know David and his team as professionals and as individuals of uncommonly strong character – the latter of which makes them stand above others in their industry.”

Brent Cooke - VP, Direct Marketing - AMC Entertainment

“I have known David Wiser for nearly 20 years, and I have had the privilege of working with Wiser Partners several times, as both a candidate and a client, over that period of time. As a candidate, I appreciate three things from an executive recruiter: 1) genuine concern for, and an understanding of me, as a professional and as a person; 2) an ability to connect me with relevant client opportunities that offer “win-win” outcomes for me and the client; and 3) open, straightforward feedback on me as a candidate and my fit with potential client opportunities. This firm delivers on all fronts. David and his team have become a critical resource for me over the years, and they truly are unique in the industry.”

Brent A. Brooks - Vice President, Networked Fitness - Precor Inc.

“I discovered Wiser Partners through a former colleague. Initially, I was impressed by the high-caliber Marketing and Insights opportunities they represented. As I progressed in my job search and pursued one of the roles that David featured, my respect for their process and rigor increased even more. Compared to most other retained firms, Wiser Partners was, by far, the most thorough and helpful in my job search leading to a successful placement at Orbitz Worldwide. Their skills assessment and interview prep were second to none. By the time I began formal interviews, I felt very well-prepared and ultimately realized they had provided me with an extremely accurate view of the corporate culture and senior leadership which really set me up for success. As a result of the entire experience working with Wiser Partners, I very strongly recommend the entire team to anyone seeking a senior-level Marketing or Insights position.”

Stacey Symonds - Sr. Director, Consumer Insights - Orbitz Worldwide

“David Wiser and his team deliver exceptional search service that blends efficacy, efficiency and integrity. They understand the importance of conducting the “due diligence” up front — from accurate and insightful company descriptions, job responsibilities and requirements, to comprehensive vetting of candidates. Their incredibly thorough screening helps optimize fit and generates productive outcomes for both clients and candidates.”

Chris Helle - Executive Director, XFINITY Marketing & Strategy - Comcast

“As a candidate working with Wiser Partners, David and his team really got to know me, my career goals, and all of my questions regarding the opportunity. Leaving P&G was a major decision, so the opportunity had to be perfect. Through an in-depth recruiting process, they were able to address my concerns and give me confidence that this was the right role for me. Wiser Partners nailed it — the fit was perfect.”

Matt Kemme - VP, Marketing - Gorilla Glue

“I recently joined BP/Castrol to lead Brand Marketing with the help of Wiser Partners. The Wiser team was thorough, supportive and dedicated to finding the right fit for me, and for BP. They were there with timely and honest feedback from the first call, to the first interviews, to the offer and with follow up after joining the business. It is clear that Wiser Partners values relationships with both clients and candidates. In addition, it is clear they are committed to the mutual success of clients and candidates. Their approach to sourcing and matching the right candidate with the right role ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.”

Daryl Benton - VP, U.S. Consumer Brands Marketing - British Petroleum

“Wiser Partners helped place me at Tiny Prints as their VP of Marketing, a role I greatly enjoyed and consider the highlight of my career. Throughout the entire process, Wiser Partners were a coach, advocate and advisor. I appreciated their candid, straightforward style and sharp insights. I trusted their integrity and thought they had keen judgment on what would constitute a great fit both for the company and for me. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Wiser Partners again, any time.”

Anna Fieler - VP, Marketing - Tiny Prints

“I’ve been in Marketing for many, many years, and have spoken with many recruiters. Without question, David Wiser distinguishes himself in the recruiting community with high integrity, exemplary follow-through, and a keen ability to match candidate talents with an organization.”

Cris Weekes - VP, Marketing - International Home Foods (acquired by ConAgra)