Since 1994, Wiser Partners has been recruiting and placing functional leaders who know how to build, fix, and drive growth for businesses. We focus more on functional expertise, versus industry specialization, which has led to a world-class client portfolio that stretches across every industry on the planet. Our clients come in every shape and size, from Fortune 100, to Private Equity-owned, to VC-backed, to Family-held. Our partners are all former practitioners, so we’ve done the jobs we recruit. And unlike most search firms, we actually interview candidates.

In February, 2024 Wiser Partners merged with ZRG Partners, one of the world’s most rapidly growing global talent advisory firms. We now provide full-spectrum solutions for executive leadership, strategy and transformation, culture consulting, and on-demand talent needs.

Today, we are now able to provide solutions for our clients’ most complex talent issues. Our core offerings include revolutionary, data-based, executive search focusing on senior leadership around the world. Our suite of on-demand talent offerings helps backfill open roles and address project-based work with specialized talent. Our consulting and advisory solutions focus on key issues like culture, strategic alignment, coaching, and sales optimization.

Leveraging our global platform of over 500 teammates with a tech-powered solution kit, Wiser Partners, a ZRG Company is a leading talent advisory firm for leading-edge clients.

Our Focus On Function

We focus on functions, not industries.  We focus on situations demanding high growth or repair.  We focus on positions from “CEO” down to “Director.”  We focus on talent with an appetite for risk.  We focus on creating relationships, not transactions.

These are the functions and positions we recruit:

Exec Suite

Exec Suite

For mid-sized PE-owned companies, we find and deliver General Managers, Presidents and CEOs who bring a Sales or Marketing background to the top job. They know how to grow and fix your business.



We deliver experienced Sales leaders who can transform organizations, build world class teams, secure new distribution, generate incremental revenue, and engage the market with value-added solutions, not just transactions.



Our firm has delivered more Marketing talent over past 25 years, than any other retained boutique in the country. Every role you can imagine: Digital. Brand. Product. Strategy. PR. Advertising. Media.



We’re one of the few firms specializing in delivering really smart Data Science and Research experts who help business leaders make smart decisions. This includes traditional Market Research, Web Analytics, Customer Insights, and Big Data.

Our experience is deep across most industries:

  • Communications

    Our clients help connect our planet by providing Internet Connection, Wireless Services, Broadcast Media & Programming, Satellite TV & Radio, Published Content, Telecommunications Equipment, & Printing Services, among others.

  • Consulting & Agencies

    We have helped staff some of the world’s leading Consulting Firms & Marketing agencies with individuals who lead those agencies, develop new business, provide daily client service, and support client decisions with data & insights.

  • CPG

    Our work has penetrated every corner of your home. Food & Beverages. Household Cleaning products. Personal & Beauty Care products. Jewelry, Apparel & Footwear. Cookware. Lightbulbs, Appliances, Plumbing Fixtures. Pet Care. Toys.

  • E-Commerce

    Chances are our clients have sold things to you, online. Contact Lenses. Financial products. Theater & Movie tickets. Airline, Hotel & Car Rentals. Audio Books & Greeting Cards. Video Gaming. Educational Services. Arts & Crafts. Dating. Shavers.

  • Financial Services

    How important is your money to you? Our clients take care of you & your family, in many ways. Credit Cards. Insurance Policies. Car & Home Equity Loans. Instant Cash. Stocks & Bonds. Tax Preparation. Payroll Services.

  • Health Care

    Our clients have sold you Rx & OTC medicines. They’ve provided critical Hospital services. They care for your teeth, & your eyes. If you blow out your knee, they’ll sell you a new one. They are your corner drug store. They protect you, every day.

  • Hospitality & Travel

    Need a Hotel room? Hungry for steak, lobster, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza? Need a Rental car? Maybe a Caribbean cruise? Roadside assistance. Travel planning. New tires. Online travel. Our clients will even sell you a $70 Million luxury jet.

  • Industrial

    Aluminum. Telematics. Oil & Energy. Housing & Building supplies. Water systems. Transportation equipment. Military aircraft. Restaurant equipment. Physical On-premise Security systems. Technology infrastructure. Chemicals.

  • Information Services

    We deliver people who know what to do with data. They help smart people make even smarter decisions. Hard data. Soft data. Custom. Syndicated. Tracking Services. Panels. Audits. Shopper Marketing. Consumer Promotions. Product Testing.

  • Media & Entertainment

    Our clients help you escape into other worlds, & enjoy life in many ways. Movies. Greeting Cards. Audio Books. Video Games. TV Programming. Gambling. Arts & Crafts. Dating. Sporting events. Music. Toys. Amusement Parks. Cannabis. Hiking.

  • Non-Profit

    When we can, we give back, by bringing world class talent into the world of Not-for-Profit (often on a pro bono basis). Hospital care. Fighting Hunger. Education. Nature Conservation. Safe Water for the Children. It’s not all about making money.

  • Restaurant

    Fine Dining or Fast Food? What are you up for tonight? Our clients are ready to serve you their best Food & Beverages. Seafood? Linguini? Steak? How about a great Burger? Fresh Sandwiches. Healthy Salads. Chinese. Pizza. Chili. Soup. (Yum!)

  • Retail

    Where do you shop? Our clients are there. Bed & Bath products. Sam’s Choice. Jewelry & Accessories. Mattresses. Living Room Furniture. Dental implants. Drugstores. Club Stores. Footwear. New Tires. Clothing. Shoes. You name it…

  • Technology

    We’ve helped Tech companies enable & power the world. Internet companies. Software companies. Wireless companies. Servers. Fiber. Security systems. Identify Protection. Printing. Manufacturing. Ecommerce. Satellites. Phones. Computers.

Points of Difference

  • Partners are former business leaders
  • Searches focused on functions, not industries
  • Specializing in Digital and Ecommerce since 1996
  • We actually interview candidates, technically and functionally

Our Partners

  • Trained in world-class CPG companies
  • Former functional heads and general managers
  • Skilled at organization design and consulting
  • Honest advisors to both clients and candidates
  • Located coast-to-coast

Our Motivation

  • Talented people drive business success
  • Candidates deserve companies, jobs, colleagues they like
  • We believe our firm offers a better ‘mouse trap’